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The Future

How will the future be?

Any ideas?

Think of the days when people will have embedded chips that will decipher the bio-electric impulses created by their thoughts and transmit them over to others. To be received and deciphered back into the same thoughts thereby completing the communication. there is a likelyhood of such communications being more wholesome and complete, devoid of the imperfections associated with the process of translation of thoughts to words....

In order to be somewhere you don't have to go there. Your embedded chip will bring you the images and sounds of that place complete with the kinesthetic-feelings decoded from the data transmitted from the place by a transmitter which gives you the complete feel of being there in that place.

In order to enjoy the taste of ur favorite ice-dream all u have to do is think about eating it. Your chip will generate the associated feelings of taste - a replica of the bio-electric impulse generated when u actually taste the stuff - and convey it to the brain, which will savour the taste ...

How does this happen ?

The bio-chemical reactions associated with the tasting of your favorite ice-cream is already stored in the chip. And when you would like to enjoy your favorite stuff, Your thought about the ice-cream activates the chip to access the data in the memory and to generate the similar impulses which gives the experience. A simple way to enjoy your pleasure without the side effect of adding to your calorie intake!

Further, you won't have to go through the pain and hardwork of keeping trim in order to maintain your body. Your chip will activate enough muscles by generating the impulses which will cause contraction and expansion of your muscles thereby developing your body as much as to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger's without having to go through all the pain and sweat he put in!

Whats more, you can even get yourself the face you would like to have! Your faithful chip can be enpowered to bring forth minor changes in the composition of your facial muscles and bone structure that will provide you with the kind of face you want!

That means you can have a face that will be the envy of the top models of today!

In order to experience ... ahem! certain other things, all you have to do, is to dream on. Your chip will evaluate the electric impulses created by your thoughts and generate nerve impulses and you experience the whole thing as per your thoughts.

And if we reach that stage, perhaps, we might realise that we have been in possession of such a chip all the while.
Our mind.
Which is as powerful as any chip we can think up.
That at the end of our journey, what we have achieved was what we have always had with us.

...more thoughts on future in the future! ...

For more experimental evidence, visit www.kevinwarwick.com.
Kevin Warwick is Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, UK where he carries out research in artificial intelligence, control and robotics.

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